Dr. Willard H. (Bill) Wattenburg


"In 1975 Bill Wattenburg narrated this  TV documentary which stopped the unnecessary killing  of  millions of dolphins by the tuna fishing fleets.     Bill stepped in after big name celebrities  declined because some advertisers threatened to  boycott  their television shows if they narrated this film.    Two days after this  documentary aired on national television,  congress outlawed the old tuna fishing nets that  were trapping and killing the dolphins.  

This  documentary gave the National Marine Mammal agency great attention and new authority to protect marine mammals such as the dolphins.     Unfortunately,  this  agency, like most bureaucracies,  eventually become another  cancerous, bloated bureaucracy   that routinely   intimidates   and blackmails  fishermen on both coasts of the United States.   They are an army of  political shills who  operate as policeman,  judge and jury.   They extort  millions of dollars  from hapless victims to support their  private fleet  of  yachts and  aircraft  -- and lush vacations for their executives and judges.   They are being investigated by congress,   but not enough is being done to stop their gestapo -type tactics.

Dr. Bill Wattenburg has  become their strongest critic on national radio and television. "